• Sonicfan999

    Don't be mean! Your rude! Please stop.

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  • Yoyoyeoh-MCSMdude

    Don't you dare attempt to vandalise this wiki. This wiki is improved and the admins will block you for any vandalism attempts (we can protect pages as well ^-^). If you do not follow this message, then face a 1 year block.

    Kind regards, ~Yoyo

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  • Morar2000

    Find me!

    February 13, 2012 by Morar2000

    Okay guys, here's some website's you can find me on. I'll post the actual links as well!

    • Blipfoto
    • Moshimonsters
    • Polyvore
    • Booksie
    • Wattpad
    • here! lol x3

    Okay here's the links, in order:

    • you dont need a link for this, cause you're all ready here... >.>
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