Morar2000 is a usual of MCSM, though she left to RES. Morar's nickname's include: Morar, Mo Mo, Mowah, Morah, Moweh, Moreh, Le Mowah, and as Katy calls her; Mo. Morar was once a loved MCSMeep, but after a while, people bagan to hate her. Roxy-black, the president of MCSM at that time, banned her from MCSM for something that wasn't true. Yoyoyeoh, who was on his flame account then, agreed with what Roxy had to say. After that, Bazooka (aka. Blast) left with her to RES. Then, after time, so did Emz. And, then, Bunnzeh. She now resides there, but sometimes holidays in MCSM, when Roxy isn't on. People in MCSM, that were her friends, say she betrayed and replaced them, but that is only because she had found some new friends. She never forgot about all her friends in MCSM and she still loved them, even though they hated her.

Morar was once considered a legend, and was one for a long period of time. But things took a turn for the worst, as explained above. Her best friends included: Mahblaze, Princesstinkercutie, Emz, Yoyo, Blast, Minx, Rosey and many others. Though, hardly any of them like her now. Morar is now an epic-in-training, at RES. She's made many friends there, including a few epics. Morar is always willing to help, unless it's a noob. She also considers noobs as an enemy, as well as CC and TFS. The only CCer she likes is Kitty. Morar enjoys writing stories, drawing, photography, swimming, cycling, and RPing. She loves to hang out with her friends and is a non-stop chatter. She's always makes time for her friends. Now, Morar is kind of forgotten in MCSM. She's just starting a new in RES, though. She misses all her MCSMeep friends terribly and wishes they'd forgive her, but doubts that they would. You can find Morar on a number of websites including; blipfoto, polyvore, moshi monsters, here, booksie and wattpad.

Though Morar is only 11 and 3 quarters, she might be leaving moshi completely soon. Her teacher has told her and her closest school friends that they'd be getting lots more homework than usual, in preporation for high school. Morar is one of the smartest in her class, is part of her school's quiz team, and is in swimming club. She has to give up most of her time to manage homework, swimming, and taking care of her dog. Morar's life is extremely hectic at the moment but she prefers not to go into details.

Morar's favourite smiley face is o3o. She also likes x3. Morar is also the creator of the face ^.>^ but gave it to eletrozap, one of her friends. Morar is also a non-stop texter and enjoys texting her friends on her Nokia. She would like a Blackberry and might be getting her Gran's old one. She recently made a deal with her Aunt and Uncle saying 'when they get new phones, she could have their iPhone 4Ss' She can sometimes be quite sly and deceiving but most of the time she is a kind, funny, loyal friend.

Oh, and all that up there was Morar, but this is Emz. Morar will never be forgotten. I do not go on RES but I say I am an RESident. It's the same with Morar. She's only seen on MCSM since she's always visiting; proving she is a real MCSMpeep. And NO ONE has forgotten you Morar. YOU STUPID NUMPTY! *Flicks Mowah on Shoulder* YOU ARE A LEGEND. NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY SAY THEY HATE YOU, THEY SECRETLY LOVE YOU. And you are an MCSMpeep.