SuperPika8 (Moshivenom11) - cyber-bullies usuals and tries to get people to like him by killing himself and calling himself the epic god when he is not. Supernoobatron8000 is the stinky, horrible, wretched, stupid god of the NOOBS!

Abby (faith-crystal, sylon-attack, etc.) - goes on many alts to roleplay in a stupid way with herself. Abby is now pretending she is dead and that her alts are vampire slayers.

Scrotbot - everyone hates her, it's the one, the only, worst noobette of the categories, Scrotbot! This horrid person has been trying to send some usuals, legends and originals to other categories AND she has also been saying that MCSM will have an apocalypse thing and will then be destroyed. No WONDER no-one likes her. She is also the goddess of noobs (after Irisdreams) and is married to SuperPika8... you can kind of tell if you think about it.

Lukep999 - a persistent brat who tries to get attention by calling himself an "original" when he is really a noobie. He has been arguing on the Official MCSM Wiki with Katy, one of our first originals, about what an original is supposed to be and what they do.

Bunnyhuney - almost as worse as Faith-Crystal, Bunnyhuney is trying to stop people being called noobs (when she can't) and insulted Morar, one of our legends, by saying: "I saw her; she fell down the toilet! It was so embarrassing! I had to pull her out!" She also insulted me, Yoyo, by saying I "believed" what she said and I couldn't spell 'nonsense' correctly when I was really spelling 'nuisance'. She also insulted Blaze, a big Legend, I believe, by saying "I saw him brushing his teeth, then the glass broke because he was SO ugly! It was so embarrassing because I had to pay the rent!" This quote is utter nonsense, because you don't pay a rent for mirrors, duh!

Gizmokat - one heck of a noobette who thinks she's a usual and is, like Bunnyhuney, trying to stop people being called noobs. She'll just report you if you post something about calling noobs noobs.

Bunnzzi - sorry gonna use an RES word, it sounds appropriate for the type of noob she is! Bunnzzi is a MASSIVE noobasaurus!!! Recently she has been stalking Katie, and calling her rude names. She's been mean to all legends and has tried to get a previous usual to betray us! Bunnzzi thinks she's a legend but she's obviously not! She's not even a usual! I'd avoid her at all cost! (this was by Le Mowah x3) She is not a legend she is a leg end (a foot) XD, or a butt, eh any one fits ;) (its Katy btw) and she is one hell of a pain in the backside. Avoid her massive bum at all costs.

Slavey123 - (Shavey123) You can tell from his profile that he's a paedophile! He always gets people to say that he's cute when really he's a shabby man of about 34 who has no life at all! He always rants on and on about shaving... I mean, really, who wants to listen to some crazy old miser who has nothing better to do than hijack little kids about 8 or 9 and get them to listen to his so called "amazing" shaving stories!

Cheesy-Oddie8 - (Cheese-Paste8) Slavey123's minion and servant in waiting. When Slavey retires (which will be pretty soon by the rate of things,) she will become leader of MCSM... well that's what little (more like big,) Shavey thinks anyway. She already talks about the most awkward things and she's only 8!!!!

Tinytimid - Tinytimid, (as it says in the name) is very timid (for you bitchy noobatrons out there, it means scared very easily... ¬.¬) So timid infact she (I don't know which,) is such a noobasaurus (LE MOWAH WORD!) that she has wars with herself! Awkward...

Perry51008 - massive god modder, charrie copier, RP copier and massive noob. This plonker needs to really get out of Mission Control because he doesn't understand the word 'copyright'. His roleplays are rubbish and nobody joins them apart from other really noobish noobs.

Angel04032002 - the most sexist person in MCSM. All she likes to do is make sexist discussions or comments, make terrible roleplays and break most of the Mission Control rules.