Okay, here comes one of my amazing speeches... U_U

Why do RES and MCSM have to fight? I mean, it's not the usuals of MCSM that come over and fight, it's the noobs! And if anyone who says they're a usual and attacks RES -glares at superpika8- well, they aren't a usual. And I know that we can sometimes be annoying, but that's because the noobs stress us out, okay? And RES, you don't have to deal with the noobs that reside in MCSM, so why be mean? And I know that most people on MCSM DESERVE to be called noobs and be treated like one, but that doesn't go for the usuals. None of us needs to be treated like sh!t, okay? But if we both come together, and settle our differences, we can, maybe, fix all our problems (hopefully starting with the noob problem)! And, why do we trash each other's wiki's? Why do we hate each other in the first place? Why is there so many noobs? Will the noobs ever be extinct? Hopefully, we'll put all our differences behind us and help each other out. Well, thanks for reading this... Bye...

-Morar x